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Should Pay Per Click Be Part of Your SEO Strategy?

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a fast way to get traffic to your website. When you learn how to properly master the techniques, it can be targeted and you can do it for relatively little money. But, is it a good long term strategy?

If you decide to implement a PPC campaign, make sure you have a firm grip on how to do it. Newcomers often spend hundreds (and even thousands) of dollars in a short amount of time. They bid too high or they don’t take into consideration the types of keywords they are using nor do they pay attention to their bids. They end up throwing in the towel and declaring that PPC is a waste of money.

People who master PPC know it can be the golden goose to getting quality traffic. It can also be used to determine whether an organic strategy will work by setting up the same keywords that will be targeted in a blog post. PPC campaigns can be used to measure the effectiveness of keywords before pouring in promotions of the page. Webmasters often don’t care as much about the spend for the campaign as the beneficial
information it returns.

Keep in mind that as you migrate towards a longer term PPC strategy, you want to make sure that you have optimized it in such a way that it brings you a decent return on your investment. Except for testing organic results
for a blog post, etc., your calls to action should be focused enough to either bring an immediate sale, have someone sign up to your list or your membership, or a combination of the two. Driving traffic to a blog post using PPC is not the most effective use of your advertising dollars. Another important factor when considering a PPC strategy is to track every action. Without this, you won’t know how well your campaigns are performing. This will bleed your budget quicker than you can pull out your credit card to pay for it. It does take some knowledge to figure out
how to track your campaigns. But, it will be well worth the learning curve.

Try to limit your PPC to the big three, i.e., Google, Bing, and Facebook. There are plenty of other ad networks but they don’t deliver enough traffic to make the effort worthwhile. Further, the traffic these subnetworks deliver is usually low quality.


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