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Hello world!

Hi, it’s Yzul and this is my new website. Stay tuned… I’ll have great things to share!

For starters, here’s an article I think you’ll enjoy…

It’s called: “Make the Leap to Home Business Success

If you are going to build a successful home business, you need 3 “intangibles.” These are things that must come from WITHIN you.

===> Intangible 1 <===

First, you must have a strong WHY.

Why must you make a home business work? What’s driving you? What is it that you CAN’T have in your life anymore and/or what is it that you absolutely MUST HAVE now?

For me, I couldn’t stand working 12+ hours a day anymore and missing the experience of my children growing up. I also absolutely HAD TO HAVE the freedom of being able to control my life and finances through a little box that I could carry with me anywhere in the world and not be tied to anyone’s time pressures or demands but my own. That was my carrot and my stick. I felt a great pain deep in my gut of missing out on my children’s lives and the incredible freedom that succeeding in this business would provide for me. I found my why. You MUST find yours.

===> Intangible 2 <===

You must BELIEVE that it is possible.

If you don’t believe that it’s POSSIBLE for you to succeed in a home business or make your living on the Internet, you won’t. It’s that simple.

For me, figuring out that it was possible was just a matter of realizing that many other people were ALREADY making great money with a home business online. If they could do it, I could too. It would just be a matter of figuring out what those people were doing and then adapting it to my situation.

There is no shortage of undeniable PROOF that people (millions of them) are making money online in many different ways. Just get online and do some research and you’ll find countless testimonials and stories of REAL PEOPLE making real money on the Internet. Or head to your local bookstore and you’ll find the same documented evidence of this fact. Truth is, it’s getting easier and easier to start and succeed in a home based business. This is primarily because of the Internet and affiliate marketing.

I’ve always said that “affiliate marketing” is the job of the future. In the “old” days, you had to go to a potential employer, apply for the position and hope for the best. Now you can simply go to any company you want, fill out their affiliate application and start work immediately. Affiliates are the new working class. Believe me, making money with affiliate programs or making your living on the Internet is WAY MORE than possible. It is pretty much (or will be soon enough) unavoidable now. Affiliate marketing is the “job” of the future that’s here TODAY.

===> Intangible 3 <===

You must be willing to MAKE THE LEAP.

Ready, FIRE, then aim… This is the operating philosophy you MUST adopt to succeed with an Internet home business.

That’s backwards for most people who like to aim before they fire. The fact is the Internet is a moving target… The only thing constant about it is change. You need to stop analyzing the game and simply jump into it. You can’t learn from the outside… You have to be IN THE RING to truly understand it.

The lesson here is that you will never really be READY to start a home based business. You simply have to start one. This is what I call “Making the Leap.”

The good news is that the cost of failure on the Internet is very small. In the “brick and mortar” world you need to evaluate things very carefully before you decide to open up a business. It’s almost always necessary to invest thousands of dollars to get an offline business off the ground. However, on the Internet you can often start a successful business for less than $100. In fact, Plug-In Profit Site is a really good example of this.

You simply need get IN THE GAME… Each moment that you stay “out there,” you’re wasting valuable time that you could be learning and skills necessary to become a successful affiliate marketer. In fact, if you’re not in the game yet, you’re ALREADY behind the times. Come on… You can do it! Make the leap to becoming a successful home based business owner today!

About the author: Stone Evans was a washed up restaurant worker desperately searching for a way to save his family when he discovered the internet and affiliate marketing… 24 months later he finally cracked the code and started earning over $10,000.00 per month… Now the same system that saved him is available to you here!


SEO Guide – Branding

Why a Brand is Crucial for Good SEO

Many marketers will make the mistake of viewing their SEO and their broader marketing as being separate. The assumption is that marketing entails things like social media marketing and advertising, whereas SEO involves adding lots of content to your website and using keywords. The two are entirely different and there is no crossover… right?

Some site owners will even go as far as to eschew marketing altogether and instead focus on only SEO as a tool to boost the status of their website.

But marketing and SEO are not separate. In fact, they go hand-in-hand and each supports the other. If you’re going to come up with an effective SEO strategy, then it needs to take into account an effective marketing campaign. And this includes things like social media marketing, web design and branding…

Why Brand Matters

So how does creating a great logo, web design and site name help you with SEO specifically?

Firstly, creating a brand for your site is something that Google highly recommends. Real companies are not called ‘How-To-Get-Big-Biceps.Com’, they are called ‘CrushingMuscle.com’. Brands help to give a business – and a website by extension – a persona and an identity. Think about the sites that are most successful on Google and you’ll likely find that they all use a brand rather than just a keyword as their site name!

Another reason that brands matter to Google is that brands matter to users. If your site has a great logo, a smart web design that matches the logo and a clear ‘mission statement’, then you’ll find that your visitors find it much easier to get behind your message and to become fans of your content.

That in turn means that they’re likely to spend long on your site, reducing your bounce rates. It means they will be more likely to share your links too. These are both things that Google will look at and view as a sign of a high quality website.

Another important reason to build a strong brand and spend time creating a site with high production values, is that it will send the right message to other site owners. You know, the sites that you want to work with when building links? Try and get a guest post from a top blog if your site looks like spam and see how it works out for you…

How to Design a Great Brand

So how do you create a great brand?

A great brand doesn’t start with a logo but rather with a mission. It starts by knowing exactly what it is that you want to deliver to your users and exactly what sets you apart from the rest. Your logo is then an expression of that and a label that will tell people what to expect when they come across your site.

It should also be well designed though and that means that it needs to be an AI (Adobe Illustrator) file and that it needs to be unique, identifiable and not overly complex.


SEO Guide – Future of SEO

The Surprising Future of SEO

SEO Guide – If Google’s devastating Panda and Penguin updates taught the internet anything, it’s that content creators can’t rest on their laurels and hope to keep relying on the same SEO techniques forever.

Google is constantly updating, improving and tweaking its algorithms to make its search tool smarter and more effective at matching search terms with the right results. If you don’t adapt and evolve with those changes, then you’ll be left behind!

The best SEO strategies then need to involve an element of prediction and speculation. Creators need to look at trends and clues and use these to predict the future of search and of Google. So where exactly is the industry heading? The answers might surprise you…

… Google is Becoming an AI

The big change is that Google is moving away from simple search to become a much more powerful AI. This is most evident when we look at Google Home and the Assistant packaged with Google Pixel phones. Google wants users to be able to talk to it and it wants to provide them with answers without them having to open up a web page and search through the content. More and more people will be relying on voice search and this fundamentally changes the game: we use voice very differently from the way we type our searches!

When typing, most of us will tend to write the precise search term we’re looking for. For example, you might search:

… “Length of a piece of string”

When asking Google by voice however, you’ll be much more likely to use a conversational tone and that means you’ll be more likely to ask:

… “How long is a piece of string?”

How This Changes SEO

So, what does this have to do with SEO?

Your initial impulse might be to assume that you now need to use search terms that sound more like questions. But that would result in some pretty awkward-sounding content. Instead then, Google is aiming to deliver on this ambition by changing the way it matches content. Instead of looking for precise matches in search terms and content, it is now able to understand the actual question and the context and use this to provide a much more relevant result (most of the time).

This is where LSI – Latent Semantic Indexing – becomes so important. LSI is the use of synonyms and related language in conjunction with classic key phrases. And when used properly, this can give Google much more context while also avoiding keyword-stuffing practices.

Another thing that search optimization now needs to take into account, is the role of structured data. This is content that uses markups to tell AIs like Google what particularly content is about. This is what lets Google show recipes, times, ratings and other key information right at the top of the search through ‘Google Quick Results’ and the knowledge graph.

Don’t try to second-guess Google but keep this direction in mind when designing your own SEO strategies. Google is more than a search engine – it is an AI.

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